Saturday, September 30, 2017

Tips: How To Screenshot On Windows 10

How to screenshot on windows 10-  take screenshot on Windows 10 there are many methods, can use keyboard, application, etc. All devices can do it this way, it can be a desktop, tablet, hp, and computer. The question is how to screenshot on my windows 10? If you are reading this guide until it runs out, you will find how to take a screenshot on my windows 10. In this article I will explain it easily, that is, with two methods, using the keyboard and application.

Printscreen or take a screenshot is how frequently you do when want to perpetuate a display on the screen. There are many methods that you can use to take a screenshot, ranging from the simple way (without software) to use 3rd party software.

1. Screenshot Using keyboard on Windows 10

How To Screenshot On Windows 10 Using Keyboard

The first way and the easiest you can do is to use the ' PrintScreen button PrtSc ' or ' Fn + PrtSc button ' on the keyboard. So then the image will be copied to the clipboard, paste into an application image editor e.g. by using Microsoft Paint.

2. Screenshot Using Snipping Tools

The second way you can do is to use the software
default Windows IE, Snipping Tools. With these tools, you have some method like screenshot.

1. Take it according to the desired shape (Free-from Snip).
2. Pick it up with a square shape (Rectangular Snip).
3. Pick it up based on the selected Window (Window Snip).
4. Take it with a full-screen size (Full-Screen Snip).

And on Windows 10, Snipping tools have been added feature ' Delay ' with the pause function to give a specific time for making a screenshot.

3. Screenshot Using Lighshot

How to use lightshot on windows 10 very easy thing to do is take the application on the official site lightshot and it's all free.

1. Install as usually
2. Press the PrintScreen button PrtSc ' or ' Fn + PrtSc
3. Select the areas you want to screenshot
4. then, save to desktop

The advantages of using lightshot are that we can choose the area where you wish to take, so do not take all of the screens.

And that's how to screenshot on windows 10 using the keyboard and desktop applications. Quite simply, the way this screenshot function on all devices, and laptop/notebook computers. If there are any further questions please ask in the comments, thank you.

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