Thursday, September 28, 2017

How Much Mobile Legends Data Usage Per game?

Mobile legends data usage- How many data usage of mobile legends consume? questions like this are often leveled at people to me, when in their stable, but the internet while playing mobile legends still stuck or lag. Normally with a speed of 10mbps already can play mobile gaming legends smoothly. But before that, you guys can see the data usage on the phone settings section you guys each. His average is 50 MB/day if you often play it. If only played in some time, certainly the Internet usage data just a bit. Because it does not require a lot of quotas.

Mobile legends data usage - For data usage capacity, usually an average usage of 250 MB-1 GB. Small isn't it?. Yaps, to keep it takes up a lot of storage media. You can delete data, but before doing that, you should make sure that your account is already bind your account to facebook or google play.

How to check mobile legends data usage on the Phone?

If you are either android you get into settings section, and then select network. And see there you can find the data usage. If you find excessive usage data, you can try to replace the unlimited provider. And in that way can help you to avoid excessive usage data. And for the data usage of ram. Mobile legends still capable of running on the phone with the capacity of 1 GB of ram. But I am not sure of phone you have less ram than that. So don't worry if there is lag, could have been due to ganguan server from the game. So the bottom line phone with 1 GB of ram can already play mlbb, do the deletion of data storage on games mobile legends.

mobile legends average data usage

And for the Ios platform, you check the settings, and then select network. And see how data usage since you play this game.  And a little tip from me to you so that when playing games the lag is not fixed, do checking of the network in the menu of the game. If you get 2-15ms, surely you will not lag while playing. And do cleanup on the cell phone, it aims to keep the ram be unencumbered.

Well, all this from me for the article mobile legends data usage this time, if you have any questions, please comment with Sage in a column that I have provided, thank you.


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